Who eats fish?

Create and display taster bowls containing a range of familiar and unfamiliar foods. Give each pupil chance to take a sample from a bowl of their choice. As a class, create a bar chart of pupil choices. Ask pupils; why were some foods more popular than others?

Show pupils Fish Eaters. Challenge pupils to find out what fish people do/don't eat and why. Work with the class to develop some simple survey questions that they can ask people for homework such as; which fish do you eat the most often?  How often do you eat fish? What is the main reason for not eating fish more often? What is your least favourite fish?  Encourage pupils to practise asking their questions with a partner and collect pupil ideas about good survey techniques e.g. be polite, explain what and why you are trying to find out, speak clearly, record quickly and accurately and thank people for their time. Ask pupils to carry out their survey for homework.

As a class, decide how to present their survey findings for closed and open questions. Split the class into groups to collate the data for different findings and ask groups to present their findings to the rest of the class.

Challenge pupils to design a fantastic fish pie.  Split the class into groups. Reveal to the class that each group will be making a fish pie but that each group will be given a different fish pie specification. Give pupils time to speculate about the types of fish pie they might be asked to design and make e.g. healthy, luxury, budget, locally sourced, sustainable, traditional, exotic. Explain to groups that they must find out as much as they can in order to prepare themselves for the challenge; to make a fish pie to a mystery specification which will be revealed later in the unit.

Ask pupils; what will we need to know in order to choose our fish pie ingredients? As a class, identify the main steps in achieving the fish pie challenge e.g. research. Split the class into groups and ask each group to think of investigation questions for each different step. Collect group ideas and create a ‘Class Pie Plan’ like Company Pie Plans. Explain to pupils that they are beginning the research phase of the plan. 

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