Is fish good for us?

  • DT use information gained from investigating familiar items to develop a specification for a ‘new’ product

  • DT test products in use for quality and function

  • DT investigate foods to understand their properties

  • DT nutrition; foods for energy, growth and protection

  • SC2.2b about the need for food for activity and growth, and about the importance of an adequate diet

  • Cit3a what makes a healthy lifestyle, including the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, what effects mental health and how to make informed choices






Is fish good for us?

Invite a chef or cook from the school canteen to provide pupils with a chance to taste a selection of fish pies e.g. home made and ready meals such as budget range, healthy range and luxury range. As a class, decide on categories for judging the fish pies including aesthetics, flavour and texture. Record fish pie scores. Give pupils the packaging or recipe for each pie and challenge pupils to match them to the correct pie. Ask pupils; was the most expensive voted the best? Which one had the most fish in it? Use A01 Taste Test and T02 Fish Flavours to help the class group fish according to their flavour. Challenge pupils to make a class list of qualities for a good fish pie e.g. fresh, mixture of textures, colours and flavours. Ask pupils; what fish could you put in your fish pie? Are all fish edible?

Create a table like T03 Food Groups. Help pupils add fish to the table. Encourage pupils to add other fish pie ingredients to the table based on one of the fish pies that they have tasted. Ask pupils; what could you serve with a fish pie to create a balanced meal? What parts of your body will the fish pie be good for?

  • participate in fish pie and fish tasting activities

  • create a checklist of quality for a good fish pie

  • complete a table of the food groups contained in a fish pie



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