Where the unit fits in


Subject Area


Breadth of Study


EN1 Speaking and Listening

9a live talks



10a-c Group discussion and interaction


EN3 Writing

9b to inform and explain, focusing on the subject matter and how to convey it in sufficient detail for the reader


The range for writing should include:

12 explanations, opinions, instructions


During the KS pupils should be taught knowledge and understanding through:

1d applying their measuring skills in a range of contexts





1f exploring and using a variety of resources and materials, including ICT



1h using mathematics in their work in other subjects



1a a range of domestic and environmental contexts that are familiar and of interest to them



1c using a range of sources of information and data, including ICT based



2a use appropriate scientific language and terms to communicate ideas and explain the behaviour of living things, materials, phenomena and processes

Design and Technology

DMC attainment target focus

Communicating ideas


DMC attainment target focus

Making quality products



5b working with others to explore a variety of information sources and ICT tools



This unit could be linked to a Local History Study 7 like Comings and Goings; Mounts Bay which provides an historical introduction to fishing



6e an environmental issue, caused by change in an environment and attempts to manage the environment sustainably



7a study at a range of scales- local, regional and national



7c carry out fieldwork investigations outside the classroom



5e meet and talk with people


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