Fish for the Future

How can we make a fantastic fish pie?


About the unit

In this unit pupils design and make a fish pie to a mystery specification. In order to meet this challenge they draw on their learning to make an informed decision about their design and making process. Through the unit pupils learn how to identify different species of fish and where they can be found in the environment. They find out about the net to plate process, including when fish are in season, how fish are caught and what happens to the catch when it is landed. Pupils learn about how their choices impact on the world around them, and the importance of the fishing industry to local communities.


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Prior learning

It would be useful if pupils are familiar with


In this unit, children will have opportunities to use words related to:

fish species:

crustaceans sea habitats:

tidal the environment:

the fishing industry:


This unit was initially trialled at Constantine Primary School and Mousehole Primary School. Many thanks to the teachers, support staff and pupils for all their hard work.

Fish for the Future unit was sponsored by CFPO, ESF, Cornwall County Council.

This unit was supported by a range of partners including:
Cornwall Fisheries Resource Centre, Design and Making Centre, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust, SciArt Solutions, Marine Conservation Society, Shark Trust, Seafood Cornwall, Newlyn Harbour and Auction.

Thanks to the many Cornish fisherman who made the unit of work possible and those from the industry who have given time and assistance including: Trelawney Fish, W. Harry and Son, Robert George, Andy Wheeler, Craig Crosbie, Anthony Stevenson, Nathan de Rozarieux and Colin Warwick.

Company Pie Plan

Pupils will design and make a fish pie.

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